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Alopecia – Frequently Asked Questions

I get many questions in regards to my Alopecia and how I successfully cured it. I answer all of your alopecia questions here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What type of Alopecia did you have?

My doctor diagnosed me with Alopecia Areata.

How did you find out you had Alopecia?

I went to my hair stylist and she told me that one side of my hair was a lot shorter than the other side. I was so distraught with the overall condition of my hair that I shaved all of my hair off. I found a bald spot and went to my doctor to find out why there was a bald spot.  He looked at the bald spot and he told me that it was Alopecia Areata.

How long did you have Alopecia for?

I am aware that I have had alopecia for over 4 years, but the exact time is unknown. Because I had a lot of hair on my head I was only aware of my hair thinning. It wasn’t until after I cut off all of my hair, that I found the bald spot.

Where on your scalp did you have Alopecia (where was it located)?

It was located on the back, left side of my head/scalp.

Did your Alopecia spread or get worse?

Yes. It started off as a small, round, smooth patch on the left back section of my scalp and it gradually moved higher and lower around the initial bald patch. However, these spots were not completely bald, they were just patchy and thin.

(Check out what I mean in this video)

How did you cure your Alopecia?

I cured my alopecia by using my AF Scalp Balm every night for over a year.

After a few months of using my AF Scalp Balm on his scalp, face and body, I noticed the hairs along his hairline started to grow and fill in (he itched and destroyed the scalp and hairs in this area).

I decided that if this mixture caused his hair to grow in, I would try it on me. Fortunately for me, and many others, my hair DID grow and fill back in.

How long did it take you to cure your Alopecia?

It took me about 1 year before I knew that my hair had grown back from the alopecia and that is was not falling back out.

Did you get bumps in the patch with your Alopecia?


Did you have a rash in the section with Alopecia?


Was your scalp sore in the section with the Alopecia?


Was your scalp itchy in the section with Alopecia?


Did you take injections for your hair to grow back?


Did you take ANY medication or use steroids to grow your hair back?


Did you use any hair growth aids for the Alopecia (shampoos, conditioners, pills, etc.)?


What was the state of your new hair growth, when your hair grew back in the section with the Alopecia?

When my hair first grew in, it was so soft. It felt like a new born baby’s “peach fuzz”. In the video you saw above, that new, baby soft, peach fuzz, fell out and the new hair that grew in was very dry and brittle. I made sure to keep this new dry/brittle hair as moisturized as possible.

How did you keep this new hair growth as moisturized as possible?

In the shower, everyday, I got my hair wet and when I came out of the shower, I applied my AF Scalp Balm right unto that dry, brittle new growth.

Can your AF Scalp Balm work for men?

Yes. I have had men write to me and they have let me know that they used my AF Scalp Balm and their hair has started to grow back in, in bald areas.

Is your AF Scalp Balm safe for children?

Yes. My AF Scalp Balm is an all natural product, with all natural ingredients. Because it is all natural it is safe for children to use.

I would highly suggest before using it on your child’s entire head that you use it on a small, sample patch of their hair. This will ensure that they are not allergic to any of the ingredients.

Will the AF Scalp Balm work for other Alopecia and Hair Loss issues?

 It might however keep in mind that if your hair is falling out due to alopecia or another hair loss condition there maybe a health condition that also may need to be addressed, such as an immune system disorder or hyper active thyroid.

I know that my AF Scalp Balm worked to cure and regrow my hair back from Alopecia Areata and I can only speak for what I did and what worked for me.

What advice would you give me for growing back my hair from Alopecia and Hair Loss?

This website is full of so many advice and great tips that can help you to regrow your hair back from alopecia and also great tips to keep your new growth flourishing.

**If you have any more questions please feel free to leave your questions in the comment section below.**