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About Me

My name Is Jassica Langley


 My Alopecia Journey

In 2012, I was diagnosed with an extreme form of hair loss called Alopecia.  I was losing my hair in small, round, smooth patches on my scalp. My hair was thinning at a rapid pace and I didn’t know what to do.  I prayed about my hair loss and thankfully God lead me to make an all natural mixture, that has helped to stop my hair loss and regrow my natural hair. My hair has been growing back, slowly but surely, for the past almost 4 years.  I am proud to say that I am Alopecia Free!

My Hair Growth Setbacks

I have had many hair setbacks, while trying to regrow my natural hair from alopecia. When my hair was thinning, it was very hard to cope with the reality that my hair had become so brittle, thin and short. I was use to having a thick, long head of hair. Well, long to me was about “collar bone” length, but that was long enough for me. It was thick, shiny and healthy. I noticed the extreme shedding and breakage many years before finding out I had alopecia. I tried to keep my hair in low styles, so that I didn’t notice the thinning as much. It helped me to cope with the hair loss at the time. I tried to shave off some of my hair, to help me cope with the hair loss without doing anything too dramatic.

My Short Hair Styles

I cut it low- 2005

My short hair style 3

I cut it even lower – 2006

My Short Hair Style 4

I kept it low during- 2008

Can My Hair Even Grow?

My hair always grew for about 2 years, but right before I hit my 2 year mark, my hair would start to thin excessively. In 2012, I spoke to my doctor about my excessive hair shedding and he told me the excessive shedding and thinning was due to a hair loss condition called alopecia.  I tried to keep my natural hair and grow it, but the hair loss from the alopecia spread and it became too excessive to cover up or pretend it wasn’t there.  I became more and more anxious, depressed and overwhelmed with looking at myself in the mirror.  I hated running my fingers through “what was left” of my hair. On April 10th 2012, I decided to do something dramatic.  I decided to take the huge plunge and shave my head bald!   My head shaved bald You Can Watch The Video of me After I shaved off all of my hair Here:

This was the first time I documented shaving off all of my hair, but it was not the only time I decided to shave my hair all off.  

Documenting My Successful Hair Growth Journey

  On March 26, 2013, I decided to shave off all of my natural hair, one final time. I decided that whether or not my hair grew back, evenly or not, I was not going to shave off my hair until I had grown my hair for 3 years. (I Documented My Whole Journey Here)

Dealing With Hair Loss In Society

Being a bald woman was not easy in the beginning. I had people ask me if I was “butch” and I had people say things like, ” That’s really a man”.  I was really offended and hurt in the beginning of my journey, when people decided to say these very hurtful, ignorant and stereotypical remarks. If a woman is bald or has low hair, it doesn’t mean she is a lesbian or that she wants to be a man.  Women in North America  are praised for having long, thick hair. If they decide that they want to go bald or shave their hair really low, it is not looked too highly upon. I have had ladies say things like it is was not good for a woman to be bald, from a Biblical stand point. I understood why they believed this, but they didn’t realize why I shaved off all of my hair in the first place. It was not about religion, it was about coping mentally and emotionally with my hair loss.

Hair Growth Success

I want to encourage women and men with alopecia and hair loss issues that it is possible for our hair to grow back. Since alopecia and hair loss is not talked about in society, I would also like to spread alopecia awareness. It is possible to be free from the bondage of alopecia and hair loss. So far, I am almost on year 4 and my hair is continuing to grow and thrive! big-afro-pic The real difference between approaching year two this time around, is that my hair has not started thinning or falling out at all.  There are no bald patches and the hair on my head, overall, has grown faster and longer than it ever has in my whole life!  

Youtube Success

Through my Youtube Channel “alopeciafreewithjass” my videos have reached tens of thousands of individuals, suffering from alopecia and hair loss and many have written with amazing results of hair restoration and regrowth.  I will continue to document my Natural Hair Journey as a way of supporting and encouraging others who are suffering from alopecia and have no other means of support. Over the years I’ve been asked many questions regarding alopecia and how I regrew my hair. From what products I used, how I used them and how often. With so many questions on a daily basis I decided to write a book to help guide and encourage those who are suffering from alopecia and don’t know what to do about it. You can get more information on my book on the alopecia free shop.

How I Naturally Cured My Alopecia

You Are Beautiful

There is no over night cure for alopecia.  There is no quick fix way to treat or cure this disease. But with all of us supporting and encouraging each other, we can get closer to the truth of why we have alopecia and what we can do to fix it for good. In the meantime, feel free to stay connected through my Youtube channel or right here on this blog. We can get through this! But no matter the outcome my message has always been and will always be the same:

“You are beautiful With Or Without hair. W.O.W.” – Jassica Langley