Tips, Methods and Remedies for Hair Growth

Natural Hair Growth Success

Natural Hair Growth:

We all want beautiful, long, thick, strong and  healthy hair. Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 3.44.19 PM For those of us who have faced hair loss or are facing hair loss our mission has been to stop hair loss and regrow the hair we lost.  If you have ever had damage to your hair caused  by a perm, a visit to the salon/barber or even by using a product that didn’t agree with your hair, no matter how you lost it, you want it back! Apart from having beautiful hair just to have it, our hair being healthy is so important because it is in direct correlation to our overall health.  When our hair is growing and flourishing, it is a good indication that our bodies are getting the vitamins, minerals and nutrients it needs to thrive and to be healthy. Our hair is one of the last areas on our body to receive nutrients and minerals.  The reason for this is because our bodies are designed in a way where the “most important” body organs (such as the brain, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, etc.) will get all the nutrients that they need to keep us alive and healthy. Therefore, if your hair is strong, healthy and growing, your body most likely is getting all of it’s daily nutritional needs.  If your hair is dry, weak, brittle and not growing, then your body is more than likely not getting it’s daily nutritional requirements.  Therefore, your hair will not get the nutrients it needs to grow long, healthy and strong.

Natural Hair Growth and Diet

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 3.44.40 PM Many of us have heard the saying, “You are what you eat”, but many of us don’t take it seriously.  I mean, when I was growing up, my parents said this to me all the time and I would say things like “Okay, I guess if I am a bag of chips, I won’t be going to school today.”  It was arrogant and ignorant. I did not take heed to the importance of the quote said by the French doctor Anthelme Brillat-Savarin in 1826.  My parents quoted him quite often as they urged me to consider some of the unhealthy food choices I was making.

Poor Diet & Hair Growth


    I was a typical food lover.  I would eat everything and anything that satisfied my sugar, salt and fat cravings.       coca-cola-462776_1280 Some of my favorite fast food options were McDonalds, Taco Bell, Kentucky Fried Chicken and any Chinese restaurant that used “extra” msg. I was also addicted to Coca-Cola and caffeine.  Now I only drank coffee 3 days a week once I started university, and some Saturday mornings on my way to church.  My favorite was french vanilla. My favorite dessert was any bag of chips followed by a coke.  I would drink pop more than juice.  I would drink juice more than water.  But I rarely ever drank water.  The less flavor the food or drink had, the further away I stayed from it.   Any pastry or baked good, covered with sugar or icing was my second favorite dessert. donut-522444_1280   I loved candy and chocolate bars!  The more sugar the better. chocolates-569969_1280    

Poor Diet Stops Hair Growth

Growing up my hair didn’t grow at all.  It usually stayed at “ear level”.  My hair has never really grown past my neck and it was always thin, brittle and very dry.  It’s so sad because the children at school made fun of me calling me “Kentucky Fried Chicken Hair” because my hair was so “crispy”.  I thought they were being cruel, but looking back, I didn’t know how true they were! I knew I wasn’t the healthiest person, but my terrible eating habits did not affect my life dramatically, so I didn’t change them. Well, I am sure you know this saying, ” All Good Things Must Come To an End”.  In 2013, I got really sick with Candida Overgrowth and I knew something in my life had to change.  I decided to go on a detox and try to rid my body of all of the toxins that I have allowed to build up in my body over the years.  I ate nothing but organic vegetables (no fruit except green apples) and organic meats, with the occasional brown rice or quinoa.  I drank nothing but water, organic peppermint or green tea as well as water with lemon in it and I continued to flush the toxins out of my body. And guess what?  After 50 days, I was CURED!! (Read More Here)

I  Got Healthy & My Hair Got Healthy

heart-620523_1280   The best part about feeling healthy was that my skin cleared up, my nails were stronger and my hair started growing more as well. Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 11.15.45 AM My hair felt more moisturized and it was stronger.  When I brushed my hair, it didn’t fall out.  When I was in the shower, my hair wasn’t all over the walls or the shower floor.  When I ran my fingers through my hair, it stayed in my scalp for me to feel and to enjoy.  My hair looked and felt great!  I also noticed more growth then I did the previous time I tried to grow my hair.  It grew faster!   Natural Black Hair Aro At this point in my life, I had done a lot of research on my alopecia and my hair loss problem.  I knew that diet was an important part of growing my hair, along with the proper hair products and a strong regimen.  But I didn’t know how drastic my hair would change for the better, with a well balanced diet diet. (Read More about that here) I was thrilled that my hair has growing, but the best part about this was that it was no longer falling out.  My alopecia and hair loss problem was going away for good!  

Natural Hair Growth & Protein

  Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 3.43.19 PM

Protein is so important for our hair, but more importantly, it is needed for our bodies overall health. Protein is used as the building blocks for our blood, skin, bones and more. It is used to repair and build tissues in our body. Without adequate amounts of protein in our diet, our body would suffer and our hair would suffer as a result of that.

Protein is especially important to our hair because our hair is made up of 19 proteins. Our hair is made up of a specific protein called Keratin. Keratin is the main structural material for the outer layer of our hair, skin and nails. About 91% of our hair is made up of protein, which is why it is very important that we have adequate amounts of protein in our diet

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Protein puts strength into our hair and without adequate amounts of protein in our diet, our hair will be weak, fragile and break off.

If you have noticed an excessive amount of shedding and hair thinning, it could be because you are deficient in protein. If you are protein deficient, there are two things that you must do in order to get strength back into your hair strands and to keep your hair on your head.

The two things that you must do are:

1) Add more protein packed foods into your diet

2) Do protein treatments once a month or bi-weekly (depending on how weak your hair is)

Protein Packed Foods In Your Diet For Amazing Hair Growth:

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 3.43.48 PM

Fortunately, protein is found in a large variety of food easily available to us. In other words, it is not difficult to make sure we are getting enough protein daily that our body and our hair needs to thrive. (Read My Top 10 Foods For Amazing Hair Growth List Here)

A typical meal for me would be a cup of cooked quinoa (a super food known for it’s easily digestible and very high protein content) or a cup of cooked brown rice (which has about 6 grams of protein per cup) with either a piece of chicken, turkey or salmon (also packed with protein) and some side vegetable (to give my body the vitamins and minerals it needs to build up my immune system, and to keep my body healthy for amazing hair growth)

This meal has a healthy amount of protein and almost my bodies daily needs of protein for the day. If I eat some mixed nuts through out the day and I start off y day with some eggs for breakfast, my body will be very happy and thankful that it got it’s daily amount of protein for the day.

Please keep in mind that our bodies need protein, but they also need other vitamins and minerals to keep our bodies healthy, which in turns provides an ideal environment to get maximum hair growth (Read More Below)

Protein Treatments For Hair Growth

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 3.48.44 PM

Protein treatments are great for adding some extra protein back into your hair strands, if you are not protein sensitive (I discuss this more down below). If you are getting enough protein from your diet, you may wonder, “Why would my hair be deficient of protein?” The answer to the question is simple.

When you add chemicals to your hair or you use too much heat (from straighteners and blow dryers, ext) these things rob your hair strand of protein. When this occurs, protein treatments are made to fill in broken protein bonds in your hair strands. This will help to repair thinning, damaged and brittle hair.

In order to avoid hair loss, due to protein deficiencies, it is best to avoid these processes and products all together or limit your usage of them.  This will allow your hair strands to keep protein in your hair strands and for your hair to be strong and healthy.

What Does being “Protein Sensitive” Mean?

Protein sensitive is when your hair reacts negatively to extra/aded protein. If you undergo protein treatments, that are high in protein, your hair may be dry and brittle. When you feel your hair you will notice that it does not feel soft and smooth and it will look dull. You may even experience hair loss, due to the added protein that your hair does not like or can’t tolerate. That is the main way to tell if you are protein sensitive.

I have designed an All Natural Protein Treatment specifically designed for Protein Sensitive People. (Find Out More Here)

Protein Shakes:

Protein shakes are my all time favorite addition to my meals and diet. Protein shakes allow me to get about 1/3 to 2/3 of your daily amount of my body’s daily protein needs.

In order for you to know if your protein shake can do that for your body is by checking the label. The label will tell you how many grams you are getting. Based on the video above, which tells you how to figure out how much protein you need for your body, in your diet, you can then determine how many grams of protein you are getting from your protein shake per day.

Protein shakes are an easy, fast and convenient way to get protein on the go. You can consume your shakes as you walk, on the bus or right at your desk at work.

The best part about protein shakes is that they are so versatile and you can add all sorts of fruits and vegetables, nuts, oats, and so much more, to get your desired taste and consistency.

You can use the same protein shake, but you can make it taste whatever you’d like any day you’d like.

My favorite Breakfast Protein Shake consists of: Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 1.31.51 PM

2 scoops of My Protein Shake (16 grams of protein)

1 Cup of Original almond milk

1/2 cup of water

1/2 a banana

a handful of strawberries

2 table spoons of coconut oil

This protein shake is loaded with protein, vitamins and minerals that my body needs.

It gives me a burst of energy and it keeps me full throughout the morning.

I love the taste and how easy it is to drink and get me started for my busy days!

Aside from the fact that it keeps me full, gives me energy and that it gives me many vitamins and minerals that I need for overall great health,

it keeps my hair full, healthy and growing!

 Healthy Hair & Hair Growth Vitamins 


  While I was on my 50 day detox, I was taking vitamins and supplements to aid in making sure my body got all of the daily requirements it needed to be healthy.

Antifungals & Hair Growth

Antifungals were one of the supplements I was taking, in order for my body to be cured from the Candida Overgrowth. I was doing A LOT of research on candida and hair growth and I discovered more then I bargained for.  I learned that if your body has yeast or fungal infections (of any kind), it will inhibit or even stop your hair growth.  This happens because the yeast like parasitic fungi in the body, will eat from the foods you are eating and it will rob your body of the nutrients and minerals it needs to thrive.  *Remember if your body doesn’t have the nutrients it needs to thrive, your hair will not get the nutrients it needs to thrive and grow.* So I took a few different antifunglas and I interchanged them weekly to bi-weekly, based on what I learned.  I learned that the parasites in your body can adapt to the antifungals and build a resistance to them causing the antifungals to be ineffective and allows the parasites to grow and multiply.  

Probiotic & Hair Growth

During my 50 day Candida detox/cleanse, I was also taking a Probiotic.  A probiotic is a good, live bacteria or yeast, that helps to keep your digestive system/gut healthy.  This is one of the uses for taking a probiotic and that was why I was taking one.  There were two rain reasons I decided to take a probiotic. The first and most important reason is because our immune system is located in our gut.  If our immune system is weak, our bodies will be more susceptible to sickness and disease.  So I wanted to make sure that my immune system was healthy (I will touch on this shortly), so that my body could be healthy and essentially so that my hair would be healthy, strong and grow fast! The second reason I took a probiotic was because I wanted to put more of those good, healthy and more beneficial bacteria or yeast back into my body. This helped to crowd out or suffocate the bad bacteria or yeast that was already in my body, causing my body and hair to be robbed of the essential nutrients it needed and causing overall havoc in my body. By getting rid of these bad bacteria, yeast and parasites, my immune system got stronger.  My body was able to fight back (in other ways) to help cure itself and to be healthy overall. Now, taking a probiotic will not cause hair growth, but it will replenish your body with good bacteria in your gut.  Taking a probiotic helps to get rid of bad bacteria and it will help to protect your immune system.  In turn it will cause your overall body to be healthy and if your overall body is healthy, your hair will be healthy as well.

Multivitamin & Hair Growth

We have all heard about the vast variations of multivitamins on the market today.  There are many different brands that offer many different things. To make sure you are getting the appropriate recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals that your body needs, take a basic 1 a day multivitamin, that you feel is best suited for you and your needs.  Please speak to your doctor or heal care professional on what they recommend for you. This is the best option for those who are overall healthy and maybe not getting all the nutrients from the food we eat daily. For those of us who have hair growth issues and are not getting the daily amount of vitamins and minerals that our body needs, we may need to take a multivitamin that is more focused on hair, skin and nails.  The reason why we should be taking a more specific supplement is equivalent to why a pregnant or nursing mother needs to take a specific “prenatal vitamin” and that is because her body needs and requires different things than an average (non pregnant) woman needs to keep her healthy. If you are struggling with hair growth, your body is deficient in some areas and these specific hair, skin and nails vitamins are more targeted to you regrowing your hair by focusing on the vitamins and minerals most important for  hair growth. So I was taking both a multivitamin and a vitamin targeting my hair and nails because I knew that my body needed extra help.  With that said I did not take them at the exact same time.

More Is Not Always Better

Please note that more is not always better. Don’t think that you can take a lot of multivitamins and that your body will get all the nutrients it needs and you will be healthy and have amazing hair growth. This is not the case.  Sometimes, if not most times, too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Do not overdo it!  You may just be causing your body more harm than good.  

Vitamins & Minerals For Hair growth

I felt like even though I had changed my diet, I was taking antifungals, a probiotic, multivitamins and I was getting healthier, I still felt like my body was lacking in some nutrients in other areas.

Top 10 Hair Growth Vitamins & Minerals:

Here is a list of my top 10 hair growth vitamins and minerals.  There are many other vitamins and minerals that are great for hair growth, but this is my top 10 list.  

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant.  Antioxidants help you get toxins that are in your body, out.  Antioxidants are needed for your bodies overall health and like I noted above, when your body is healthy your hair will be healthy also.

B Vitamins

There are many different types of B Vitamins.  For a healthy overall body and hair growth focus on B12.   B12 provides nourishment to all the cells of the body including our hair follicles, so it is essential for hair growth.  It supports a healthy nervous system and the formation of new red blood cells. This is very important because the red blood cells carry oxygen all over your body, including the scalp. This helps nourish and aid in the development of healthy new hair strands from healthy hair follicles.  Since the hair follicles are now receiving the proper nutrients, your body is now able to repopulate and regrow hair.  This is especially the case for hair that has been previously lost, due to alopecia or other hair loss related conditions.

 Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a great immune booster and a powerful antioxidant. When your immune system is healthy, your overall body will be healthy and your hair will be healthy and grow. Also, when you rid your body of toxins (which is what antioxidants do), you give your body an extra boost in health. Vitamin C is so important because it encompasses both the immune system booster and the antioxidant booster.  Vitamin C is crucial in your hair growth journey.  Fortunately, Vitamin C is found in a wide array of fruits, vegetables and can be easily purchased from most food stores.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D promotes healthy hair follicle growth.  The best thing about vitamin D is that you can get this vitamin right from the sun.  Go outside for a brisk walk or sit under the sun for a little while. Allow your body and scalp to absorb the wonderful benefits of vitamin D.  Since your body cannot produce vitamin D on it’s own, taking a supplement is also a great idea on days when you cannot go out in the sun.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E  is essential in keep your hair growing healthy.  When you mix Vitamin E and some of the other vitamins I have listed, you are making your scalp healthy and when your scalp is healthy it promotes amazing hair growth.  Vitamin E is one of the ingredients in my All Natural Shea Butter Mix because I know of the importance of Vitamin E, a healthy scalp and amazing hair growth.


My doctor recommend Biotin for longer, healthier hair.  Biotin is a B Vitamin and it is water soluble, meaning it dissolves very well in water, which also means your body can’t retain it.  Since your body cannot retain biotin you need to make sure you replenish your body with it daily.  So if you feel like you are not getting enough from your daily diet, there are plenty of supplements available.


Iron is very important for your body to function overall and also for healthy hair growth.  As I listed in my Top 15 Reasons For Hair Loss, iron deficiencies was one of them.  So if you are deficient in Iron, your have a very high risk of hair loss or developing other very serious medical conditions.


Magnesium can detoxify and cleanse the skin, including your scalp.  Since magnesium has the capability to do this it helps with strong and healthy hair growth.


Niacin is in the B Vitamin which helps to nourish the scalp, promoting healthy hair growth. If you do not have enough niacin in your hair strands your hair may become brittle, lifeless, and may even fall out.


Zinc has a critical part to play in ensuring that our immune system is strong and healthy.  Zinc helps in promoting new and healthy skin cells, which aids in a healthy scalp which is responsible for hair lustre and growth.  For those with skin and scalp conditions, zinc is used as an anti-inflammatory, which helps to sooth the skin tissue, especially those suffering from psoriasis or eczema on the scalp.  Zinc can be taken orally or applied topically.  It is the main ingredient is some diaper rash formulas for this very reason.  

Achieve Great Hair Growth

Many of us have the awesome potential to achieve great hair growth.  I have seen my hair fall out, but most importantly, I have seen my hair grow back.  It took me years to achieve the amazing hair growth results that I have now, but that was because I knew very little about all of these awesome resources that I am sharing with you now. In order for me to gain the fantastic growth that I have now, there was a lot of trial and error.  I am helping you save time, money and energy by sharing my Natural Hair Growth Success Journey with you! I want you to achieve amazing hair growth and I know you can.   Natural Black Hair Afro 3

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