Tips, Methods and Remedies for Hair Growth

Protein Treatments For Hair Growth

Protein Treatments For Hair Growth

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Protein treatments are great for adding some extra protein back into your hair strands, if you are not protein sensitive (I discuss this more down below). If you are getting enough protein from your diet, you may wonder, “Why would my hair be deficient of protein?” The answer to the question is simple.

When you add chemicals to your hair or you use too much heat (from straighteners and blow dryers, etc.) these things rob your hair strand of protein. When this occurs, protein treatments are made to fill in broken protein bonds in your hair strands. This will help to repair thinning, damaged and brittle hair.

In order to avoid hair loss, due to protein deficiencies, it is best to avoid these processes and products all together or limit your usage of them.  This will allow your hair strands to keep protein in your hair strands and for your hair to be strong and healthy.

What Does being “Protein Sensitive” Mean?

Protein sensitive is when your hair reacts negatively to extra/aded protein. If you undergo protein treatments, that are high in protein, your hair may be dry and brittle. When you feel your hair you will notice that it does not feel soft and smooth and it will look dull. You may even experience hair loss, due to the added protein that your hair does not like or can’t tolerate. That is the main way to tell if you are protein sensitive.

I have designed an All Natural Protein Treatment (Watch the video below) specifically designed for Protein Sensitive People. This protein treatment acts as a deep conditioner which also helps to retain moisture and shine.