Virgin Coconut Oil For Hair Growth

Coconut oil for Hair Growth

Natural coconut oil

Moisturizes and Maintains Hair

For me Coconut oil was one of my secret weapons and personal favorites for hair maintenance.  There was a time when I regularly used coconut oil to maintain my hair, keeping it strong and moisturized.  In fact my whole family would use it as a natural moisturizer for skin and hair, since eczema runs in my family. Coconut oil (CO) is Great for hair growth.  For those of you who do not know, coconut oil is a Superfood, and can be applied directly onto the hair or it can be taken orally to help improve the health of your hair and your total body.  Coconut oil contains Vitamin E, K, iron and many other minerals and vitamins.  It is an antibacterial, an antiviral an antioxidant and so much more. Coconut oil is great for moisture and moisture retention.  Coconut oils contains a wide range of vitamins and minerals that are key to keeping your hair strong, nourished and moisturized.  Coconut oil has the ability to penetrate our hair shaft and therefore conditioning and moisturizing our hair from within.

How Does Coconut Oil Protect Your Hair?

CO also coats the hair, protecting your hair strand from environmental damage. When CO coats our hair it also does not let moisture escape very easily and that keeps our hair moist and soft, which prevents split ends, breakage and overall damage of our hair. When you apply coconut oil onto your hair strands, there is a fatty acid present called Lauric Acid. Lauric Acid easily binds to the hair protein protecting your hair from root to tip.  This is very important for hair growth because when your hair strands are protected from damage and they remain healthy and strong, you hair will stay on your head longer. This will contribute to hair growth and thickness.

When your hair is not protected, it leads to breakage, split ends and damage to your hair.  This causes it to break off or fall out.  This obviously hinders the overall length and health of your hair.  Similarly, when the root is protected and healthy, it will keep your hair strands of hair on your head longer, adding to the thickness, luster, softness and shine of your hair.

Antibacterial and Antiviral Properties

Coconut Oil has antibacterial and antiviral properties, which protect your scalp from unwanted hair conditions, such as, lice, dandruff, boils, eczema, psoriasis and that is only to name a few.  If your scalp is healthy, your hair will be able to grow in an environment that contributes to health, and length.  If these various hair conditions are also the cause of your hair loss or thinning, coconut oil can help cleanse your scalp and keep if free to grow hair and stop hair loss. While CO is great at keeping unwanted scalp/hair conditions at bay, it is great at improving blood circulation. Improving the blood circulation of your scalp, will ensure that your hair follicles get an adequate amount of oxygen.  Oxygen carries essential nutrients that your follicles need to promote hair growth of strong, healthy hair. 

Coconut Oil for Styling Hair

Coconut oil is also great for styling, which is another reason why I use it so much.  So instead of using hair sprays and gels, that may be full of chemicals, you can use an all natural and simple oil to style your hair, while adding nutrients to your hair and scalp.  CO can be applied in its liquid state, but as it cools down it hardens.  But it’s still soft, unlike those hair gels and sprays. I personally use CO as a hair conditioner and a styler.  Another very important part of my Hair Growth Journey regarding  regrowth and strength of my hair.

10 responses to “Virgin Coconut Oil For Hair Growth”

  1. Billy says:

    What kind of Coconut Oil brand do you buy? Thanks

    • Jass says:

      Hello Billy,
      You can use any Organic, Cold Pressed, Virgin and (if possible) Unrefined Coconut Oil. I have used many kinds, but I tend to hover around the three Pics here, because they are easily accessible to me and I have seen results. Check out the label and make sure it is 100%pure. I hope this helps you out! Have a great day 🙂

      • Billy says:

        Thanks Jess, you’re the best! I’m going to buy your Shea Butter cream next week and am excited to start using it. As well as the Black Soap shampoo.

        • Jass says:

          Aww! No you are the Best for saying I am the Best!! You are too kind. I am really glad I could help you out! Please feel free to keep me updated on how you are doing. Email me anytime! Cheers! xo

  2. Lolo says:

    Hello jass. I can’t believe I have someone who experienced the exact same thing iv been experiencing since 2005. I have shaved my hair over 5 times. Tried different things seen doctors but nothing. In fact I was upset as I was washing and conditioning my hair a few days back because of the amount of hair I loose each time a comb goes near my hair. Now I have hope. Do u ship to the UK

    • Jass says:

      Hello Lolo, I’m very sorry to hear that you are experiencing hair loss. I really do sympathize with you and I want to let you know that I’m here to help. It’s very encouraging for me to hear that my hair growth journey with alopecia areata has helped to give you hope. To answer your question yes, I do ship to the U.K. Thank you very much for contacting me and have a great day!

  3. Shardaira says:

    Hi, my daughter precious is 10 years old and suffering with extreme Alopecia at this point we are stressed my husband and I trying to figure out a cure. She is completely bald besides a little bit at the top of her head. We are holding her fr school because of kids calling her wig head and teasing her please reach out at this point im not sure where to start should I shave it all off? I can’t afford your products yet although I am saving up we just moved to a new city to try and deal privately with this please pray for my little girl she had a head full of hair long down he back and over the past three years a bald spot the size of a quarter have grown over her whole entire head.😥

    • Hello Shardaira!

      I am so sorry that your family is going through all of this. Please know that you are not alone and I am here to help you the best that I can. To answer your question, shaving off her hair doesn’t guarantee that it will grow back. There are many people who have been able to regrow their hair back without shaving it all off. If you decide to leave her hair and not shave it, then the next thing that you should do in the meantime is not use coconut oil on your daughter if she is allergic to it. That can make her scalp issues worse. In the meantime please massage her scalp every night with warm extra virgin olive oil, to stimulate her scalp, in the most gentle and natural way possible.

      I also have an eBook that speaks more about natural hair regrowth that is very cost effective, especially for families in your position. This way you can get as much information possible with as little cost to you as possible. This book can help you to know what to do and where you can go next. I have more written material coming in the upcoming weeks that will speak more on inner healing. Please stay tuned for that. If you are connected to me on Facebook, then you will be the first to know when that material is available.
      I hope this helps you. If you have any further questions, please feel free to message me anytime. Have a great day! Jass xo

  4. ibukun says:

    How do I get the scalp stimulating hair regime in Nigeria and for how much?

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